Correlation tables

Correlation tables allow you to change the value of a variable according to a key.

There are two types of correlation tables. Basic tables are based on a set of “Keys/Values”, while advanced tables are based on a set of “Sites/Keys/Values”.

Basic correlation tables are used most frequently. They allow you to create a simple correlation (translating text, for example).

Advanced correlation tables are used for virtual sites. They are used to map different values, depending on the site. For example, let’s say you use a campaign ID and you want to apply a rule to it, but the same ID exists on both site A and site B. In this case, you can use a correlation table to choose which values will be retrieved from site A and site B.


To fill out a correlation table, you can enter content for each line manually, duplicate an existing table and edit it as needed, or even import an Excel file containing your entire table.

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