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After accessing Data Manager’s “Variables” environment, you can start creating your configuration. Variables allows you to retrieve information from a data source (hit, URL, etc.) Simple processing can be applied to these variables (parsing, deleting, adding a string, etc.). They can be used later to edit or exclude a part of the data retrieved by tagging.

  1. Types of variables

Each variable you create must be defined as either alphanumeric or numeric.
It is very important to select the right type from the start, because when you use a simple variable in a conditional variable, specific processing operations will become available based on the selected type. For example, you can use numeric filters (higher than, below than, etc.) for variables that are defined as numeric.

  1. Status

Once a variable has been created, you must define its status. There are four status types available, each with a different functionality.

A variable with the status “In development” is in the process of being created. This variable can still be edited and used to test a processing operation. This is the only status that allows you to edit the variable.

The “Pre-release” status indicates that you have tested and intend to release the variables. This is usually a temporary status.

The “Released” status indicates that the variables are currently active on your site.

The final status, “To be deleted”, allows you to delete a variable that has not performed as expected during testing. If the variable was in “In development” status, it will be deleted. If it was in “Released” status, a new release is required to completely delete the variable.


  • Folders and additional information

You can use folders in Data Manager to help you organize your variables.

Your list of folders can be accessed through the menu on the left-hand side. By clicking on one of them, you can filter your variables and view only those that are stored within a certain folder. You can also create new folders by clicking the “New Folder” button.

To place a variable in a folder, you can simply drag and drop it into the folder or open the information on a variable (by clicking on its name or on the gear icon at the end of the line) and select a folder in the corresponding drop-down menu. Please note that a variable can only be placed in a single folder.



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