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Use the menu on the left-hand side of the screen to browse through the Data Manager application. The application has three work environments: variables, configuration, and deployment.


The Variables environment allows you to create the variables required to use Data Manager.


The Configuration environment allows you to use the variables created.

  1. Mapping: Map your variables to AT Internet dimensions. For example, you can specify a Data Manager variable to replace AT Internet’s default page name.
  2. Correlation tables: Create correlation tables to add values to your variables. For example, you can transform category IDs into category names.
  3. Hit exclusion: Use your preset rules to exclude a specific kind of traffic. For example, if you added the AT Internet tag twice by mistake, you can target one of the two and exclude its traffic.


  1. Test your configuration to make sure everything is in order. This will allow you to check for unexpected errors.
  2. Once you release your configuration, it will be applied on the same day, at midnight.
    Although correlation tables do not require a release, they are also applied on the same day, at midnight.
  3. View the history of the Data Manager configuration to check the list of releases made on this site.
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