Before explaining how to set and apply rules, let’s outline the basics of Data Manager:

A configuration contains a set of rules (variables, mapping, etc.) specifically related to a site.

A simple variable allows you to retrieve information from a data source (hit, URL, etc.) Simple processing can be applied to these variables (parsing, deleting, adding a string, etc.).

A conditional variable allows you to create specific processing operations based on specific conditions. These variables are based on previously defined simple variables.

Mapping allows the variables to be mapped to an element (a dimension) of the Analytics Suite. Mapping a variable to the “Pages” object will change the results shown in “Pages” analyses of your interfaces.

Exclusions allow you to disregard a certain amount of site traffic, based on criteria that you define. These criteria can be based on simple variables or conditional variables.

Correlation tables allow you to change the values retrieved with the variables.

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