Why is my visit data in AT Internet different to my click data in my advertising tool?

When witnessing discrepancies between AT Internet and campaign data from another tool, you must always consider that a click on a campaign and a full-on visit are two very different things, even though they are linked.

Please find below, 4 of the main reasons that explain why visits and campaign data will always be far from equal no matter the tracking methods one uses:

  • If the end user decides not to let the page load after clicking on a campaign link, the click is recorded, but there's no visit because there is no page load.
  • If tracking parameters are cut off during any level of redirection (for example, on Google Display Network), the click is not recorded, and the visit is attributed to "Direct traffic".
  • If the page takes over 30 seconds to load, the source information is dropped, and the visit ends up in "Direct Traffic" while a campaign link click is recorded.
  • If the end user clicked on a campaign link while already being on the site, or within the "session timeout" range of a previous visit, the original referrer is kept, equating to a click on a campaign link, but no visit.
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