Retention Analysis

The retention analysis provides a very interesting perspective into how and when your visitors return to your brand's various websites and applications following a visit made on a given day. Using this analysis you will be able to instantly visualise the proportion of visitors that have returned to your site and in which timeframe.


The retention analysis is available for the following timeframes:

 Analysis period  Granularity
 Last 7 Days  Daily
 Last 14 Days  Daily
 Last 4 Weeks  Weekly
 Last 14 Weeks  Weekly
 Last 3 Months  Monthly
 Last 6 Months  Monthly


Example: With the following retention analysis:


The results should be read in the following way:

(1) 377 Unique identified visitors visited the website on the 26th of October
(2) 56.5% Unique identified visitors returned on the following day
(3) 53.3% Unique identified visitors returned one week later

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