Data visualisations

Venn diagram

The Venn diagram is very useful when trying to identify elements that may overlap with each other. Traditionally the Venn diagram is used on 3 elements, but it can also be used for just 1 or 2 elements in our application.

This diagram is available for “cross-site”, “cross-device” and “cross-source”. It is the standard graphical representation for the cross-site entry.



The diagram can be displayed proportionally to the values:


Or it can also be displayed without taking into account proportions for easier reading of small overlap zones.

The option to change the display is accessible in the “Options” menu:





The sequence graphical representation is available for all sites, devices and source entries. It will display the order in which each element has been encountered during the analysed period. The sequences are limited to 5 elements maximum, and should be read from left to right. If more than 5 elements have been used during the period, only the last 5 are considered.

It is the standard graphical representation for the cross-device entry.

Many metrics are available in the sequence representation. In addition to the standard ones already displayed, it is possible to add other metrics to the table by clicking on the metrics menu at the right:

Sequences can be sorted and filtered on all metrics available in the graph by simply clicking on the metric label.




Table options

 In most analyses, data is displayed in tables just below the visual representation:



 Sort options are available on each metric, as well as multiple-value filters. Multi filters are available using AND or OR combinations. This can be changed by simply clicking on the blue button:





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