Data in User Insights is available since January 1st.

 When requesting a period before January 1st 2017 the following message will be displayed:

 “The requested data is not available from before January 1, 2017. Please adjust the date of your request.”

 Data is available for the previous day at the latest. Real-time data is not available in User Insights for the moment.

 Many period shortcuts are available to simplify the period selection, for example “Yesterday”, “last week”, “last 31 days” etc.

 You can also define a custom period by selecting a date in the calendar with “From” and “to” selection.



Click “Enable comparisons” to be able to compare a period with the previous one. When doing so, a comparison of each element is displayed in the tables, as well as in the bar chart.


The comparison period will adapt depending on the weekdays selected in the initial period.

If you have selected from Sunday March 5th to Monday April 3rd, the comparison period will be on Sunday January 29th to Monday February 27th.

 Note: comparison is not available with the “Sequences” representation.

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