Overlap Analysis

Through a Venn Diagram, the overlap analysis illustrates the cross-over between separate elements that make up user journeys. This analysis is available for devices, sites, traffic sources and campaign dimensions.


Devices: The venn diagram illustrates which combination of devices visitors use to reach a site. It’s possible that the device is not detected on certain visits. If that happens, visits will be counted as device = undefined. 

Traffic Sources: When this dimension is selected, the venn diagram will show the different combinations of online marketing and organic channels vistors used to reach the brand's sites & applications.

Campaigns: Similar to the traffic sources view; however, this view will provide detail down to the campaign level.

Sites: The Venn Diagram illustrates which combinations of brand platforms your users use to consume your content during their user journeys.


Note: The device drill down is only reliable using the identified visitors scope. It requires that all visitors have logged-in at least once on each device that is analysed so that we can process the cross-device measurement.

If you then want to know in which order events happen, you can switch to the Sequence representation for more details.

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