Creating a new flow

Click on “New” to create a new flow.

All flows created for a site are visible to all users who have access to the site and are included on the contract.

Start by selecting a “universe” in which you want to create a flow:

Events: All dimensions related to pages, clicks, sites variables and the internal search engine.

MV Testing: All dimensions related to Multivariate Testing analyses.

Orders: All dimensions related to order analyses (Sales Tracker option)

Custom Page variables: All dimensions related to custom page variables

Products: All dimensions related to Product analyses.

Publisher: All dimensions relating to Publisher analyses.

Rich Media: All dimensions related to the analysis of rich media content.

Self-promotion: All dimensions relating to Self-Promotion analyses.

Visits: All dimensions for which the value is unique during a visit. The Visits universe shows sub-universes that allow describing the traffic sources properties.


The “Visits” universe will provide you with a file containing one visit per line with all its attributes (Source, device, geolocation, etc.)

All other universes will provide you with a file containing one line per event: page load, click, video play, click on ad display, etc.)



Once your "universe" is selected, you will be presented with the flow customisation page. The following information will be displayed:

  • All mandatory dimensions and metrics provided by AT Internet. These dimensions are provided by default, they are highlighted in blue and cannot be unselected.
  • Optional Dimensions. Click on a dimension to select it. The dimension will turn blue to show it has been correctly selected.

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