My site is now using HTTPS, should I modify anything in the tag?

To measure HTTPS pages, it is necessary to modify the tagging to use a secure collection server.
For SmartTag:
In the Tag Composer application, check the box "Secure mode" before downloading your custom smarttag.js file.
You can also modify the value of the property secure (from false to true) within the tag configuration as follows:
var ATTag = new ATInternet.Tracker.Tag({
log: 'xxx',
logSSL: 'xxx',
secure: true,
site: xxxxxx,
domain: ''
For xtcore (deprecated):
Go to Analyzer NX under Tools > Tags > Tag code (deprecated). You can then click on the lock at the right of the tab and retrieve the value of the parameter xtsd. Replace then the former value of this parameter by this new one in your tag.
In both cases, make sure to call the JS-file using the HTTPS protocol as well.
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