How to know which URL matches your page labels?

Information relative to pages are linked to the tagging. If no value has been entered for the page name variable, the URL of the page will be taken into account. Otherwise the given page label is used in the analyses (recommended by AT Internet).

To collect all URL from your pages, three options are available:

  1. Create a Data Manager rule to fill in a site custom variable (access rights to Data Manager must be granted by your administrator). You will have to create a variable based on the source "URL" and map it to your site custom variable, previously declared in the interface.
  2. When specifying the perimeter of your search (if a few pages are concerned), we can on study extract your data and give you the first URL collected per page name.
    This option, being outside of the support center's scope, might be invoiced depending on the chosen perimeter.
  3. Activate a free option that collects all page URL (from page and clic hits) up to 100 000 new URL per day. Above that limit, a feasibility study must be made and the option might be invoiced.

/ ! \ With this option, you have the possibility to chose to retrieve URL with or without their query string. Collecting the query string will drastically increase the number of URL.

For further information on this option, please contact your account manager or the support center.

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